Wales reveals scale of metro project

New rail and bus services are expected to reduce rural isolation
Mobility as a Service / October 28, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Welsh government metro project maps connectivity tram-trains Valleys Lines rail and bus
Wales programme will deliver up to 30% more services to improve connectivity (© 06photo |

The Welsh Government has unveiled new maps illustrating the scale of a metro project, which will include 172km of electrification to improve journey times.

Wales is a country that is park of the UK. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west and the Bristol Channel to the south. 

Deputy minister for climate change Lee Waters unveiled the maps, saying: “Delivering the £1bn Welsh Metro project will be one of the most ambitious and complex programmes we’ve ever undertaken.”

The maps show the programme will deliver up to 30% more services to improve connectivity across Wales, such as new tram-trains offering fast turn-up-and-go services at 45 stations on Valleys Lines by 2024.

Other plans include new and improved rail and bus services and active travel routes to reduce rural isolation, new train stations to provide a viable public transport alternative to the road network and 100% renewable energy powering overhead wires.

“Improving our public transport and active travel network routes is the right and responsible thing to do for the environment – making low carbon transport options more attractive, affordable, and easier to use – enabling people to leave their car at home particularly in the more densely populated parts of Wales linking up with active travel routes to provide door-to-door journeys in an integrated, sustainable transport network,” Waters continues. 

Additionally, the Welsh government has pledged an additional £2 million to expand existing plans for South East and South West Wales metros, to include new bus and rail stations and services as well more active travel routes.


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