Lime and Pedal Me to combat congestion

Firms want to replace around 15,000 vehicle miles in London over the next few months
Mobility as a Service / February 10, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Lime says its e-bikes have already replaced nearly 50,000 car trips (© Nicole Gray |
Lime says its e-bikes have already replaced nearly 50,000 car trips (© Nicole Gray |

Lime's electric bikes will be serviced by Pedal Me in a bid to cut congestion and pollution in the UK capital. 

Pedal Me – an e-cargo and passenger bike service in London – is to move Lime's e-bikes to parking zones and deliver them to service centres for repair while also swapping out batteries to ensure they are fully charged for users. 

In a blog post, Lime says the partners will replace an estimated 15,000 vehicle miles over the next three months and 60,000 over the next year, freeing up space on roads to reduce gridlock and cars idling in traffic.

Pedal Me co-founder Ben Knowles says: “Our hi-tech e-assist cargo bikes and City and Guilds-assured training mean that we can deliver significant savings on CO2 and particulates compared to alternatives.”

“Together, we’re on the same mission to reduce London’s reliance on motor traffic, and make the city a more prosperous, faster moving and more pleasant place to be,” Knowles adds. 

Pedal Me uses e-assist cargo bikes, riders and logistics technology to carry people and their cargo around London. Each cargo bike is expected to produce approximately 36g carbon dioxide (CO2) per mile. 

Lime insists that its e-bikes have already travelled more than 1,600,000 miles, replacing nearly 50,000 car trips and saving more than 570 tonnes of CO2 in London.

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