To Fire Island via Masabi and Uber

Transit ticketing to island off New York enabled in Uber app via Masabi's SDK
Mobility as a Service / June 4, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Masabi Uber ticketing © David Wood |
Tickets for water transport can now be bought via Uber (© David Wood |

Masabi has entered an agreement to allow riders using Fire Island Ferries in New York to purchase tickets ahead of time via the Uber app. 

Fire Island is a popular destination off the south shore of Long Island.

The Uber app allows riders to choose a ticket for trips between the Bay Shore (Long Island) and a range of Fire Island communities such as Kismet, Saltaire, Fair Harbor and Atlantique. 

They can also purchase tickets for water taxis between all the Fire Island communities, but need to schedule a pick-up time. 

Anthony Bonventre, IT director for Fire Island Ferries, says: “The new Uber integration will allow us to offer our customers more options to safely and easily purchase tickets without the need for waiting on long lines or handling cash.”

Transit ticketing was enabled using Masabi’s mobile ticketing software development kit for public transportation.

Masabi Uber

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