Masabi expands MaaS rollout in Japan

Tickets are available in the Japan Transit Planner and Norikae Annai apps
Mobility as a Service / September 13, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Masabi Jorudan MaaS ticketing Japan cities Kitami Bus Niigata Kotsu Sado Nara Kotsu Bus
Masabi and Jorudan are providing alternative purchase options on popular ticketing options (image credit: Jorudan)

Masabi has launched in-app mobile ticketing for transit services within Jorudan's two Mobility as a Service (MaaS) apps in nine additional locations across Japan. 

Tickets for transit services in the cities of Kitami, Sado, Nara, Iwate, Nanjo, Gifu, Oshima, Tokachi and Nikko are now available via the Japan Transit Planner and Norikae Annai apps.

In Kitami, Hokkaido Kitami Bus passengers can now purchase Kitami Bus one-day passes while those travelling in Sado can obtain one, two and three-day passes for the Niigata Kotsu Sado bus company. Passengers on Nara Kotsu Bus Lines are now able to buy Nara Park Nishinokyo, Nishinokyo Horyuji one-day passes and Nara Yamatoji two-day passes. Iwate’s Iwatekenkotsu offers Ichinoseki Hiraizumi one-day bus passport tickets across their entire network. Nanjo City N Bus provides N Bus one-day pass and regular fare tickets via the apps. Meanwhile, Gifu Bus has made Hirutoku Daytime Tickets available. The Tokachi Bus Corporation and Oshima Bus one and two-day tickets are now accessible. Additionally, Nikko Kotsu offers its Imaichi / Kinugawa one-day pass and Heikenosato to Mizunosato two-days pass via the Jorudan apps.

Jorudan CEO Toshikazu Sato says: “Whether you’re an everyday commuter, an occasional rider or just a visitor to the country, we want to make sure that people can simply and quickly plan their journeys, buy their transport ticket and safely navigate the transport network.”

The latest deployments see the partners continue to build out MaaS mobile ticketing in cities across Japan, providing alternative purchase options on popular ticketing options in densely populated large cities and prefecture capitals.

Masabi CEO Brian Zanghi says: “2021 has seen an acceleration in our work with Jorudan, building on the success of our mobile ticketing deployments across Japan since the launch of our partnership in 2019. The concept has been proven and passengers have responded enthusiastically to processes that enhance their transport experience.”

The Japan Transit Planner and Norikae Annai apps are available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

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