Mexico City Metrobús embraces tap-and-ride

Conduent, Getnet, Work Level and Visa are all involved in contactless project on three lines
Mobility as a Service / October 5, 2021
By Adam Hill
Mexico City contactless transit tap and ride Visa Conduent (image credit: Mexico City Metrobús)
Validators accept existing CDMX city transport card and QR codes (image credit: Mexico City Metrobús)

Conduent Transportation, Getnet and Work Level - in conjunction with Visa - have implemented a contactless payment system on three lines of Mexico City's Metrobús system.

Almost one million Metrobús users of Lines 1, 2 and 3 can now access the lines using contactless credit and debit cards as well as devices such as smartphones and smart watches.
Conduent has deployed its Visa Ready for Transit-certified Atlas Open Media back-office module and its VPE 430 smartcard ticket validator devices at bus stations: these validators also accept the existing CDMX city transport card and QR codes.

Conduent has also installed a back-office fare collection system that manages all current types of transactions, creating what the company says is "the first true EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) payment system in Latin America under the MTT (mass transit transaction) model supported by Visa". 
Work Level turnstiles and doors, and has replaced the existing communications network.

Getnet, part of Banco Santander, manages and processes the open-loop credit and debit card transactions between Metrobús and riders.

“By updating our Metrobús fare collection system with the latest technology, we continue to invest in our bus system and make it even easier for customers to use,” said Roberto Capuano, MD at Mexico City Metrobús. 
Conduent has worked with the transit agency since the system was launched in 2005.

Mark Brewer, group president, transportation solutions at Conduent, says: “Our team has implemented these types of contactless payment systems around the world, and we have consistently seen riders have a better experience and improved access to their local transportation system.”

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