Moovit mines Sydney's Opal upgrade

Travel improvements in Australian city are part of wider investment by state government
Mobility as a Service / June 24, 2022
By Adam Hill
MaaS app public transit innovation ticketless digital wallet © Rafael Ben Ari |
Since 2012 more than four billion trips have been taken using Opal (© Rafael Ben Ari |

Moovit is delivering Transport for New South Wales' (NSW) new Opal Plus Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app.

The upgrade of the Opal travel card system is part of a $567 investment by the NSW government to improve travelling by public transit in Sydney, Australia.

With the upgrade, Opal cards can be added to digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, to use on a range of travel options.

The funding also means that Transport for NSW is setting up a 10,000-person, 12-month trial of Opal Plus which bundles public transport, ride-share, e-bike rentals, taxi and parking on the app.

“Since 2012 more than four billion trips have been taken using Opal, which has transformed the way we travel and it is now time to invest in keeping this system in line with our evolving needs and expectations,” said state treasurer Matt Kean.

“This gives us a window into the future, setting up the Opal network to keep pace with our changing needs whether that be a train, bus, e-bike, e-scooter, ride-share or even electric vehicle charging.”

Rob Stokes, minister for infrastructure, cities and active transport Rob Stokes, said: "This app will revolutionise the way we travel in NSW because it factors in first- and last-mile journeys, making it simpler and easier to leave the car at home and get from door to door."

Minister for transport and veterans David Elliott said: "The current Opal system has delivered an exceptional service for nearly a decade, but it is time to take it to the next level.”

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