Moscow ramps up shared mobility services

Up to 100km of temporary bike lanes will appear in the city as part of Green Ring project
Mobility as a Service / April 6, 2021
Moscow Green Ring Project bicycles electric bikes scooters
Moscow plan will combine 32 parks, 29 transport hubs and 20 highways into a single route (image credit: Moscow Department of Transport)

Moscow is to launch 1,000 more bicycles, including 500 electric bikes, in the Russian capital as part of the Green Ring project. 

The Green Ring project is a concept design of a circular cycling route linking parks and forests in the areas between the Third Ring Road and the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.

Deputy mayor of Moscow Maksim Liksutov says: “We will install 67 new rental stations in different parts of the city. And the fleet of scooters, according to operators' forecasts, will add another 4,000 new electric scooters.”

The plan includes the installation of more than 1,000 car parks for personal bikes and up to 100 km of temporary bike lanes in the districts of Akademichesky, Maryino, Otradnoye and Strogino.

“Within the framework of the Green Ring project, bicycle routes will unite parks and forest parks into a single network,” Liksutov continues. 

“32 parks, 29 transport hubs, 20 highways will be combined into a single walking and cycling route, the total length of which will be about 100 km.”

Liksutov, also head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, confirms there will also be new bike rental stations and service pavilions.

“The connected and safe bicycle infrastructure will allow the townspeople to quickly and comfortably get from transport hubs to the 'green zones' by bicycle,” Liksutov concludes.