Saint-Étienne launches Moovizy 2 MaaS app

French city partners with Transdev, Stas and Cityway 
Mobility as a Service / October 5, 2020 1-Minute Read
By Adam Hill
 (picture credit: Saint-Etienne Métropole/VéliVert)
VéliVert bike-share is part of the new MaaS app (picture credit: Saint-Etienne Métropole/VéliVert)

Saint-Étienne Métropole has launched Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app Moovizy 2.

In partnership with Transdev, Stas and Cityway, the solution includes booking and payment for bus, tram, trolleybus, bike hire, car-share, taxi, train and carpooling - the only app in France to offer this coverage, the transit provider says.

Real-time traffic and public transport service updates will allow multimodal route booking for a variety of individual preferences, whether fastest, cheapest, or most environmentally friendly.

Payment is by monthly bill, which can be capped by users.

The app includes the VéliVerts bike service, giving users a recommended route map, journey time and bike locations as well as the ability to pay.

Car-sharing and carpooling users can estimate costs, monitor consumption and send messages.

Saint-Étienne, in eastern central France, is capital of the Loire region.

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