Santa Cruz loses contact with Masabi

Mobile ticketing application is expected to improve passenger safety
Mobility as a Service / November 13, 2020
By Ben Spencer
Masabi ticketing app enables riders to purchase passes for up to 31 days (Credit: Santa Cruz Metropolitan District)
Masabi ticketing app enables riders to purchase passes for up to 31 days (image credit: Santa Cruz Metropolitan District)

Masabi has launched a mobile ticketing application that enables contactless payments on buses belonging to the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District in California.

Masabi says the Santa Cruz Metro Splash Pass allows riders to purchase fares and display tickets on their smartphone device anywhere in the Santa Cruz County and the Highway 17 Express to the San Jose Diridon Station.

Alex Clifford, CEO at Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, says: “It is also essential, now more than ever, that we continue to provide a service that puts customer safety first. Removing the need to use cash is just one of the many benefits of Masabi’s solution which will help us keep riders safe throughout their journeys.”

Riders can buy 1- Ride ($2.00), 15-Ride ($27.00), Day, 3-Day ($15.00), 7-Day ($32.00) and 31-Day ($65.00) passes using a debit or credit card or via digital payment services such as Apple Pay. Once purchased, riders activate their tickets on their phones and present them to the driver when boarding.

Masabi CEO Brian Zanghi says: “By using a multi-tenant platform, which is constantly updating with new features and functionality, we are helping agencies like Santa Cruz Metro deliver the latest innovations to riders, while helping them keep up with the pace of technology change.”

Riders can download the Metro Splash Pass from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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