Sub-five-mile 'light EV' trips on Lime's new app

Micromobility group is also adding a Wheels seated scooter to its own platform
Mobility as a Service / October 16, 2020
By Ben Spencer
Lime platform allows users to book a range of light EV types in one place (© Felix Mizioznikov |
Lime platform allows users to book a range of light EV types in one place (© Felix Mizioznikov |

Lime is launching an app aimed at people who want to make car-free electric vehicle (EV) trips under five miles. 

The micromobility operator says in a blog post the Lime Platform will allow it to partner with operators offering a range of non-car EV types - scooters and e-bikes, essentially - just as people are demanding more options for short trips around cities. 

This is particularly important as people rethink their rides following initial Covid-19 restrictions, Lime adds. 

The platform - which Lime is dubbing a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app - allows users to look for a bike, scooter or other light EVs in one place. 

As part of the launch, Lime is to add a seated scooter from Wheels to its app this winter in the German capital Berlin and the US cities of Austin, Miami and Seattle. 

Wheels says its vehicle fills the gap for trips that are longer than a typical scooter or bike ride.

Lime CEO Wayne Ting says the seated scooter is “already helping shift urban commuter behaviour towards greener transportation and cities toward a more people-first future.” 

Riders can access a Wheels vehicle by using the Lime app to scan the QR code on the handlebar. Nearby vehicles will be automatically populated on the map along with pricing information. 

Wheels will also continue to offer its vehicles in its own app. 

Looking ahead, Lime is to expand its platform to eventually offer a wide range of vehicle types to meet the needs of any trip distance or preference. 

The company says: "We will expand the Lime Platform with new global partners, to be announced in the coming months."

In August, Lime, Bird and Spin received the green light to operate up to 10,000 electric scooters between them in Chicago as part of a four-month pilot which runs to the middle of December.

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