Uber joins Ride Health for patient transport

Uber Health has joined forces with Ride Health to provide more options for patients in the US to get to and from medical appointments. 
Mobility as a Service / February 19, 2020
By Ben Spencer
Imran Cronk, founder of Ride Health (Source: Ride Health)
Imran Cronk, founder of Ride Health (Source: Ride Health)

Ride’s web-based transportation coordination platform covers all ride types including public transit, taxis, wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV) and ambulances.

Founder Imran Cronk (pictured) says: “Our health system and health plan customers appreciate the added flexibility that Uber Health brings to our network via its WAV and UberAssist products, which helps provide assistance to seniors and people with disabilities."

The platform is expected to integrate with dispatch and customer relationship management systems while also monitoring each ride throughout the trip for potential disruptions such as late drivers or missed connections. Automated notifications prompt a support team to intervene in real-time if a disruption is imminent, the company adds.

Last June, Uber Health entered a similar agreement with Pack Health to offer a transportation service for patients with chronic conditions in the US state of Alabama.

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