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All-in-one mobile parking enforcement solution includes monochrome and colour cameras
Enforcement / January 28, 2021
By Adam Hill
Tattile parking
Watch this space: enforcement on the go

Tattile has unveiled an intelligent mobile parking enforcement solution.

The all-in-one mobile automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system includes a monochrome mobile enforcement camera for licence plate reading as well as a colour camera to record infringements, which can be shared in an independent video stream.

Motorists who want to park can use an app to book and pay for a parking area for the time required, or pay directly at a meter; in each case they will enter their vehicle's registration number.

Date, time, licence plate and paid parking time are then sent to a centralised server.

Through a WiFi connection, this external database exchanges information in real time with connected mobile parking enforcement devices - typically tablets - which are connected to the mobile ANPR camera mounted on an enforcement vehicle.

The camera's embedded monitoring software performs automatic licence plate reading and checks with the database.

If a blacklisted vehicle with no paid or expired parking time is detected, an acoustic alarm is triggered, and the tablet display shows a photo cut-out of the licence plate. 

Traffic wardens can search the parking area with the ANPR system for the relevant vehicle and issue a fine. 

A high-grip magnet allows the camera to be mounted on, and removed from, a vehicle roof in less than two minutes, enabling it to be easily transferred between different vehicles.

Tattile says the system makes third-party back office integration straightforward and allows adaptions to be made by local authorities, such as sending parking violation information to an automated complaints processing centre.

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