FCC grants Applied C-V2X licence

Maine is latest US state in which Applied Information will test C-V2X safety applications
Enforcement / November 2, 2022
By Adam Hill
Road safety innovation C-V2X Maine © Andreistanescu | Dreamstime.com
Rail crossings are one area where C-V2X will have a role (© Andreistanescu | Dreamstime.com)

Applied Information is to begin testing cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) connected vehicle applications in Brunswick, Maine, in cooperation with the Maine Department of Transportation.

It is the tenth experimental licence for this purpose granted to Applied by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which gives permission for C-V2X safety testing - for example including school zones, school buses, emergency vehicles, rail crossings, pedestrian safety and unprotected left turn crash avoidance - to be carried out under a range of road conditions.

“Applied Information is committed to improving roadway safety by developing connected vehicle applications with our public and private sector partners,” said Bryan Mulligan, Applied Information president.

“We believe these licences demonstrate the pent-up demand of DoTs across the US to demonstrate and deploy C-V2X technology as soon as possible.”

Applied's other licences range across locations in the US, from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

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