Conduent to improve bus lane performance

System with Hayden AI provides cost-effective enforcement service, Conduent says
Enforcement / April 15, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Conduent Transportation HaydenAI bus lane enforcement
Conduent says effective enforcement of bus lanes can enhance flow of passenger buses (image credit: Conduent)

Conduent Transportation is working with Hayden AI to deliver an automated solution that can improve the effectiveness of traffic lanes dedicated for public transit buses. 

The solution includes a perception system mounted on the front of a bus that integrates with video analytics review and violation processing technologies, supporting the enforcement of local traffic regulations.

Conduent says the system can improve the speed and efficiency of bus lanes, provide a cost-effective and unbiased enforcement service, and increase utilisation of reliable public transportation.

According to Conduent, effective enforcement of bus lanes can enhance the flow of passenger buses, thereby improving public transportation services and traffic safety while reducing emissions from idling vehicles.

The solution is being released as part of a partnership which seeks to deliver products that will improve traffic safety and efficiency for cities and government agencies in the US and abroad. 

Mark Brewer, group president, transportation solutions at Conduent, says: “The partnership's offerings can improve the reliability and performance of traffic enforcement solutions, which are increasingly important to transportation agencies and the people they serve, especially in densely populated urban areas.”

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