Parifex selects Quanergy for Lidar deal

Parifex will use Quanergy M-Series 3D Lidar sensors in Vigie Double-Side enforcement system
Enforcement / July 20, 2021
By Adam Hill
Parifex Vigie traffic enforcement Lidar
Vigie Double-Side solution: identifying speeders (image credit: Parifex)

Parifex has expanded an agreement with Quanergy Systems to deploy its M-Series 3D Lidar sensors in the Parifex Vigie Double-Side speed control system. 

The new project will be deployed with the French Ministry of Interior - with "future expansion to global projects", Parifex says - and follows a similar Parifex deal with Ouster.

Quanergy's M8 Lidar sensor features an extended range up to 200m and angular beam resolution of 0.033 degrees.

It will be integrated into the Vigie Double-Side solution, which tracks, identifies and classifies different vehicles simultaneously on different lanes, picking out speeders through a picture of the front and the rear of the vehicle.

“We have been committed in providing innovative and reliable solutions for many years to take part in the improvement of road safety, especially on fast  highways,” said Franck Peyré, CEO at Parifex.

“We chose Quanergy’s Lidar for its accuracy to strengthen the Vigie Double-Side solution, long-range detection at high speeds, as well as its high performance in challenging conditions. Our first  project with Quanergy, which was deployed in Rouen, France, confirmed our decision to continue leveraging Quanergy’s Lidar technology.”

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