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M5 Rad3 traffic radar device provides precise measurement for identifying speeding infractions
Enforcement / June 14, 2021
M5 Rad 3 speed enforcement
M5 Rad3 is available in both fixed and mobile versions

The addition of traffic monitoring and enforcement specialist VDS to the IRD group of companies, at the end of April, brings complementing capabilities to an already world-leading range of road safety products and services.

VDS specialises in fixed and mobile solutions for speed and red-light enforcement. The company also provides radar-based speed information signs and bicycle counting systems. Devices from VDS are currently the only radar-based products certified under new regulations in Germany that enable direct enforcement of traffic violations.

The M5 Rad3 is a traffic radar device that provides consistently precise speed measurement for identifying speeding infractions. Available in both fixed and mobile versions, it operates without the need for in-pavement sensors and features a low-mounted camera which improves driver identification in applications where this is required.

The M5 Red traffic monitoring device calculates the length of the red light phase against vehicles’ arrival at the stop line. Two inductive loops are used as sensors to detect vehicles at the stop line and for calculating when to take photos for red-light violation enforcement.

The VDS M5 Speed is a multi-use device that, depending on configuration, may be used as a mobile radar; a stationary speed enforcement system; a red-light violation enforcement system; or a combined system.

VDS traffic measurement devices can be used for traffic survey purposes and feature Bluetooth connectivity to enable easy interaction with PCs, smartphones, or tablets. A comprehensive range of services includes installation, maintenance, and support for all of the supplied systems, as well as image and violation-handling processes.

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