Swarco & TomTom enhance traffic data

Partnership sees TomTom's data integrated into Swarco's MyCity traffic management platform
Enforcement / April 1, 2022 Read
By Adam Hill
Swarco TomTom floating car real-time data
Left to right: Joost de Ruiter (Swarco head of global B2B products & solutions sales ITS Division), Richard Sturrus (sales director enterprise, TomTom), Christoph Stögerer (Swarco VP products & solutions ITS Division) and Ralf-Peter Schäfer (VP traffic and travel information, TomTom)

Swarco and TomTom have signed a deal which will see TomTom's GPS data integrated into Swarco's MyCity urban traffic management platform.

TomTom generates anonymous data from millions of apps, cars and devices, and this will now be available for city authorities via MyCity, enhancing its traffic information.  

"Integrating their services into MyCity will enhance our traffic management solutions significantly," says Christoph Stögerer, VP of products & solutions at Swarco.

"Deployable with little effort and time, the value-adds deriving from these integrations such as real-time visualisation of the complete road network performance, analysing the impact of previous measures via historical reports and fully-automated adjustments of traffic strategies based will greatly benefit our customers."

Connected cars are a great data-source for real-time travel information, delays, accidents, and other incidents causing roads problems.

This enhanced traffic management data means MyCity customers will get real-time travel times for user-defined routes; historical reports on travel time to enable data-driven decision making and impact analysis; and will fill potential blind spots between existing roadside sensors to get a complete picture of the traffic situation.

Mike Schoofs, MD, TomTom Enterprise and Consumer, says the integration "will benefit road authorities globally"

The companies say the collaboration also includes a joint thought leadership programme to educate the market further, regular alignments about new features and product updates, and intensified collaboration on funded research projects.

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