Trottenberg to be number two at USDoT

Former New York City transport commissioner's appointment is 'applauded' by ITS America
Enforcement / January 18, 2021
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Trottenberg says US needs a 'safe, equitable and environmentally sustainable transportation system' (© Saletomic |

Experienced civil servant and senior transport official Polly Trottenberg has been nominated as deputy secretary for transportation by US president-elect Joe Biden's incoming administration.

She would serve under Pete Buttigieg who is slated to be transportation secretary.

Trottenberg tweeted: "Our nation needs a safe, equitable and environmentally sustainable transportation system that creates jobs and supports economic recovery. Looking forward to working alongside @PeteButtigieg and the USDoT team to build back better."

In a statement, ITS America president and CEO Shailen Bhatt said he 'applauds' Trottenberg's nomination.

"She has a depth of experience and understanding for how technology plays a key role in reducing the epidemic of deaths on our roadways, improving congestion, cutting greenhouse gas emissions from the sector, and creating an equitable 21st century transportation system," Bhatt said.

“Polly and I have worked closely together at USDoT under President Obama and during her tenure as NYCDoT Commissioner, and ITS America was privileged to have her as a board member."

"After her confirmation, we look forward to working with her, secretary designate Buttigieg, and the DoT team to move toward ITS America’s vision of a better future transformed by intelligent mobility – one that is safer, greener, and smarter.”

Buttigieg's predecessor Elaine Chao resigned earlier this week, following the riot at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

Biden's inauguration takes place on 20 January.


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