Swarco underscores Scotland speed limit 

Swarco says VAS can provide information on traffic volumes and speeds
Enforcement / June 23, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Swarco vehicle activated signs Sctoland Angus Council speed limit
Swarco says VAS 'slow down' message is activated once the speed threshold is breached (Credit – Swarco)

Swarco has installed 84 vehicle activated signs (VAS) to keep drivers safe by reminding them of the speed limit in the Scottish county of Angus. 

The signs are being used in 20, 30 and 40mph zones, with a ‘slow down’ message activated once the speed threshold is breached.

Swarco says the signs are ultra-low power, with a bespoke lens design that allows them to be solar powered, even during the winter. 

John Pickworth, managing director at Swarco Traffic, says: “Angus traditionally experiences darker and longer winters. As such, we designed the signs for the location to ensure that power remains reliable all-year round.”

The fully transportable signs can be sited according to the varying needs of Angus Council.

They also have further data collecting functions, providing information on traffic volumes as well as speeds, which can be used to inform traffic planning and public transport routes.

Walter Scott, service leader for Angus Council’s roads and transportation says the signs have proved to be visible and effective. 

“Operating with a single plug for the solar panel, as well as the opportunity to adjust both the location and speed settings, the signs have provided an ideal solution, giving us simplicity and flexibility as part of our wider efforts to reduce speeding and enhance road safety,” Scott adds. 

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