Ayalon Highways issues workzone signage RFI

Israel-based Ayalon Highways has given bidders until 30 July to respond to information request
Enforcement / July 5, 2021
Deadline for submissions is 30 July 2021 | Photo Credit: Amos Luzon
Deadline for submissions is 30 July 2021 | Photo Credit: Amos Luzon

Israel-based Ayalon Highways has issued a Request for Information (RFI) regarding orange-coloured road markings for temporary traffic arrangements in work sites.

RFI documents can be downloaded on the Ayalon home page here under the tab 'Tenders and Contracts' or in the e-tender website.

Interested parties will submit bid documents through the Dekel Tender System - the deadline for submissions is no later than 3pm Israel local time on 30 July 2021.

The system will be locked automatically after that time, and no proposals can be accepted.

Companies can ask for clarification of the tender documents in writing no later than the same time on 9 July 2021.

Again, this can be done via Dekel Tender System.

The RFI is not an invitation to bid and it is not part of a tender process or any competitive procedure, Ayalon insists.

This means there is no obligation towards any of the respondents - the request is intended solely for the receipt of information.

Ayalon general manager Itamar Ben Meir concludes: "Following the receipt of the information, the company will consider its follow-up actions regarding the request, if any."

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