Be-Mobile guides Belgium parking 

Guidance system is expected to reduce search traffic 
Parking & Access Control / December 10, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Be-Mobile traffic guidance system parking LED displays Ghent Belgium Q-lite
Be-Mobile says the LED displays will be installed at 50 locations by the second half of 2022 (image credit Stad Gent)

Be-Mobile is to help the Belgium city of Ghent install a system valued €2,778,000 that will provide the occupancy rate of various car parks. 

The company says the guidance system will inform visitors in real-time about the current parking situation and serious traffic disruptions. 

Infrastructure company Jacops will use Be-Mobile software for the new management system, which combines various traffic applications such as parking and traffic control. The city can share information about parking occupancy and public transport as well as link information from third parties into the system. The most relevant parking and traffic information will be distributed to the road user via digital LED screens provided by manufacturer Q-lite

Visitors are guided via the new LED displays to the most appropriate parking based on current parking information and real-time travel times, the company adds. 

Filip Watteeuw, alderman for mobility at the city of Ghent, says: “With the traffic guidance system, we reduce search traffic and can indicate in advance which car parks are full. This way people can decide more quickly to use park and rides and we limit unnecessary car traffic in the city.”

The LED displays will be installed at 50 locations by the second half of 2022. Digital signs will be installed just before the R4 (the Ring Road around Ghent) to guide visitors to the park and rides on the outskirts of the city. A new central management system will communicate with the displays according to the current traffic situation. 

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