Melitron installs ParkCo smart parking kiosks

Kiosks are expected to support Momentum Dynamics' 500-space car park in Ontario
Parking & Access Control / October 7, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Melitron smart kiosks with Samsung digital displays ParkCo InsightPay InsightDetect analytics platform
Melitron says the kiosks stand at just over 64 inches in height, and are dent- and scratch-resistant (image credit:

Melitron is to manufacture smart kiosks with Samsung digital displays for ParkCo’s cashless car park solution InsightPay in the Canadian city of Kitchener in south-eastern Ontario.

ParkCo is an Ontario technology start-up and part of Momentum Dynamics. 

Melitron is to install a kiosk with a single 55-inch display and a second one with a 32-inch touchscreen display with an integrated tap payment terminal at Momentum Development’s Glove Box 150,000 square foot office complex in the downtown area.

The company says installation will support the complex's 500-space car park for office workers, residents and the general public. 

It follows an initial ParkCo kiosk installation at a mixed high rise at Victoria Street last month.

Melitron Tablet Series kiosks featuring single 55-inch high definition displays are located inside the car park entrance and exit.

Visitors receive parking instructions on the kiosk’s screen, and can then tap their credit card upon entry and exit with time stamps and payment processed automatically through a fully integrated Monexgroup payment system. Private parking entry and exit for residents and office goers is automated using numberplate recognition cameras as part of ParkCo’s InsightSecure solution. 

The company insists the kiosks stand at just over 64 inches in height, are dent and scratch resistant with a steel frame, aluminium panels, and powder-coated finish to handle the wear and tear of public use and abuse.

InsightPay can be used in tandem with ParkCo’s InsightDetect analytics platform, an intelligent artificial intelligence engine that learns parking car park usage patterns.

According to Melitron, it allows owners to choose to sell more parking passes in the case of public, semi-private or mixed use car parks. 

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