Arrive and Luum partner on commuter parking 

Smart parking system is being used to reflect post-Covid commuting patterns
Parking & Access Control / March 11, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Employers can allow the public to book open spaces to generate additional revenue (© Joyfull |
Employers can allow the public to book open spaces to generate additional revenue (© Joyfull |

Arrive’s Smart Parking service is now available to employers through Luum’s Commute Management Platform in North America.

Arrive's smart parking system is expected to enhance Luum's suite of enterprise commute tools that currently give employees access to transit, carpool, vanpool, shuttle and pre-tax benefits, while also managing parking and administering charges.

Luum CEO Sohier Hall says: “Luum’s customers and partners are either operating at full scale with their front-line essential workforce, or they are planning a phased return to the workplace throughout 2021."

"In all cases they demand the same thing: to assure a commute experience for their employees that is safe and flexible, and that gives employees complete confidence that they will have easy access to their workplace, without question.”

Through the partnership, Luum can ensure employees will have a parking space waiting for them as they arrive at work, including garages with access-control systems. 

Employees can make a reservation at their company's owned and leased garages, use their phone to open the gate and pay via automatic charges to their payroll. 

Staff can also now reserve a parking space at nearby garages for a low rate without a lease while employers can allow the public to book open parking spaces through Arrive in car parks to generate additional revenue.

Luum offers commute software to help employers encourage carpooling, public transportation, walking or cycling. 

The partners are hoping to provide employees with more flexibility whether they are driving or opting for a more sustainable mode. 

Ed Lewis, senior vice president of business development at Arrive, says: “If one thing is becoming increasingly clear, most companies are not returning to the office five days a week any time soon. That means employers need to quickly adapt, shedding now-outdated policies and benefits and embracing ones that improve their employee’s commute experiences.”


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