Here map features 400 indoor parking garages

Parking & Access Control / February 2, 2022
By Ben Spencer
Here Technologies indoor parking garages indoor map Apcoa Propark Mobility
Here provides routing with garage entrances / exits connected to its outdoor streetmap ( © Igor Mojzes |

Here Technologies has added more than 400 indoor parking garages to its indoor map as part of a collaboration in North America with Apcoa and Propark Mobility.

The indoor maps include key aspects of parking garages – individual parking spaces, lanes, ramps and pedestrian walkways.

Here says it provides integrated routing for vehicles and pedestrians, with parking garage entrances and exits connected to its outdoor street map.

This enables routing that goes beyond the kerbside and opens up new possibilities for automated valet parking, the company adds. 

Additionally, electric vehicle (EV) drivers will be able to identify parking spaces on the maps where they can charge their vehicles.

Victor van Dinten, head of indoor parking & charging at Here, says: “Most navigation systems today provide guidance that ends at the curbside. With our new indoor maps, we are helping changing that. Contextual guidance can now continue all the way to individual parking spaces inside garages. Once parked, our pedestrian routing capabilities provide detailed guidance to the final destination.”

Propark Mobility CEO John Schmid says: “Through our partnership with Here, we are now able to surface our garages in Here’s automotive solutions, helping us provide a seamless service for millions of drivers across the United States.”

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