Vegas bets on Flowbird parking deal

Drivers see real-time inventory and pricing on a searchable map or list on the app
Parking & Access Control / July 29, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
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Finding parking space is one of Las Vegas least entertaining pastimes (© Exflow |

Las Vegas, in partnership with Flowbird Group, has launched a mobility solution to make on-street and off-street parking easier to find and pay for.

The Flowbird app combines an advanced user interface, congestion optimisation and off-street parking reservations.

Drivers can find, reserve and pay for parking long before they arrive at their destination, avoiding circling the block in search of a parking space.

On-street parking or reserved off-street parking are paid for with a platform powered by Arrive, which specialises in parking reservation space.

Users view real-time inventory and pricing displayed on a searchable map or list on the app.

Results can be filtered according to preferences, sorting by various features such as price, electric vehicle charging, covered parking and security.

Users can also search by event, pinpointing the venue and highlighting the best options for parking on that specific day.
Flowbird also announced that Las Vegas is upgrading its Strada Pay Stations with the new S5 upgrade kit which features a 9.7-inch touch screen. More than 100 meters will be upgraded, according to city authorities.
Las Vegas has worked with Flowbird since 2013 when the city implemented a pay-by-space parking system throughout the downtown core, noted Benoit Reliquet, president of Flowbird North America.

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