WPS waves hello to touchless parking

Solution includes a replacement touchless infrared ticket printer button
Parking & Access Control / June 3, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
WPS parking
Wave hello, say goodbye - to physical contact

WPS has launched a set of touchless upgrades to its pay-on-exit ParkAdvance system to mitigate issues around possible virus transfer at barrier terminals and pay stations.

The solution includes a replacement touchless infrared ticket printer button for entry terminals where the customer simply waves their hand in front of the sensor for a ticket to be issued.

Pay stations can also be upgraded to touchless with the installation of a new surface-mounted, optical ticket scanner.

Instead of inserting a ticket and receiving it back (with a possible risk of virus cross-contamination between successive customer tickets), users now simply wave their ticket barcode in front of the optical scanner which reads a ticket without it needing to be inserted.

The payment can then be made using existing contactless payment card readers to complete the touchless experience.

WPS says that its high-accuracy automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology can be added - without the need for substantial additional investment - and coupled with cashless payment apps.

It offers new cashless ways to pay, allowing customers to scan their barcoded pay-on-foot ticket with a smartphone Pay Station in Your Pocket app. This avoids any need to visit a physical pay station, explains Simon Jarvis, managing director of WPS in the UK.

“With its fully-IP based architecture and modular design, our ParkAdvance system is yet again showing its inborn flexibility to meet emerging challenges and opportunities,” said Jarvis.

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