Here services to connect MG cars

Chinese auto group SAIC has chosen Here Technologies to provide real-time traffic info
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / November 10, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Here Technologies connected vehicle services SAIC Motor MG cars in Thailand Oceania Europe
Here Fuel Prices delivers relevant information to the route ahead (© 06photo |

Here Technologies has been chosen by SAIC Motor to provide connected vehicle (CV) services for in-vehicle infotainment systems of MG cars in Thailand, Oceania and Europe. 

SAIC is a Chinese automotive company that owns MG cars. 

The Here Traffic service will provide real-time information on traffic flows and conditions to help drivers reach their destinations safely. The system also includes Here Parking, Here EV Charge Points and Here Fuel Prices, which deliver drivers relevant information about the route ahead. 

The MG i-Smart mobile app will utilise Here’s software development kit (SDK), providing MG software developers a set of location features such as mapping, routing, geocoding and search, traffic, transit and navigation. 

Outside of China, Here is supporting SAIC by providing access to global map coverage and country-specific knowledge. 

Tang ShengHao, product manager responsible for SAIC’s overseas’ product architecture for navigation, online services and mobile apps, says: “Here Technologies provides MG with the core location data, services and mobile SDK that enable the development of high-quality, industry leading products in a short period of time. 

“Our goal is to sell 550,000 vehicles overseas in 2021. We hope that the MG i-Smart system, including navigation and location-based services can also contribute.”

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