Humanising Autonomy aids VRU perception

Behaviour AI 'enables more accurate' VRU collision warnings for drivers than ADAS does
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / May 31, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Humanising Autonomy behaviour artificial intelligence VisionTrack
Humanising Autonomy says combined tech will enable a nuanced understanding of human behaviour in road safety settings (© Klaus Vartzbed |

Humanising Autonomy, which describes itself as a 'behaviour artificial intelligence' (AI) company, has partnered with telematics provider VisionTrack to bring advanced vulnerable road user (VRU) perception to vehicle operators globally.

Humanising Autonomy says its behaviour AI solution will be integrated into VisionTrack's solution - enabling drivers to receive real-time VRU collision warnings.

The technology is expected to generate earlier alerts to the driver with a higher degree of accuracy than traditional advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems. is an Internet of Things platform that uses computer vision to collect, process and analyse footage alongside supporting vehicle data from a growing number of connected camera devices.

According to Humanising AI, it also bolsters the latest AI technologies, including ADAS, driver status monitoring and blind spot detection with the aim of preventing collisions before they happen.

The Behaviour AI Platform will also enhance VisionTrack's ability to identify safety challenges and key coaching opportunities for fleet customers by better analysing incident statistics and trends using advanced behavioural insight, the company adds. 

VisionTrack commercial director Richard Lane says: "Humanising Autonomy's Behaviour AI Platform will help to better support and protect drivers and ultimately save lives on the road.”

Humanising Autonomy CEO Maya Pindeus says: "For us, this partnership is further validation that our Behaviour AI Platform is critical in eliminating pedestrian deaths, and enabling safer fleets." 

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