Commsignia leads V2X capabilities test

The project has input from Zenzic, Vodafone, Nokia, UTAC Millbrook and Horiba Mira
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / January 26, 2022
By Ben Spencer
Commsignia Vehicle to Everything  CAM Testbed UK Vodafone Nokia Zenzic Horiba Mira
Partners will deliver a service that can be used for the trials of initial V2X services (© Phuttaphat Tipsana |

Commsignia is to lead a project to assess the UK Vehicle to Everything (V2X) landscape and deploy at pilot installation across the CAM Testbed UK.

The testbed is a centre for the development of connected and autonomous vehicle (C/AV) technologies. It offers facilities with the ability to cross-share data. 

The company will work alongside partners such as Vodafone and Nokia to deliver a secure service that can be used for the trials and testing of initial V2X services.

Commsignia says the UK transport sector has reached a “critical moment” in the enabling of connected car services, and whilst the discussion on V2X in the UK is increasing, there is still work to be done on the required development and services. 

According to Commsignia, the collaboration and co-ordination between road operators, mobile network operators and vehicle OEMs will be necessary for V2X services to move towards deployment.

This collaboration will see the development of the training and skills map that is needed for this emerging sector whilst using CAM Testbed UK as facilitators, the company adds. 

The project also has input from Zenzic, UTAC Millbrook and Horiba Mira.

Peter Stoker, chief engineer, connected and autonomous vehicles at UTAC, says the project “will inform policy and technology choices for the future in having a controlled network where all comers can trial, assess and sometimes fail in private before public deployment”.

Luke Ibbetson, head of group R&D at Vodafone Technology, says: “Many organisations, including vehicle manufacturers and road operators, will benefit from advanced connected mobility services using our highly responsive edge cloud infrastructure.”

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