Dhyan SaaS manages lights on Maine street

Cloud-based central management software offers visibility into the health of every light 
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / May 6, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Dhyan Networks and Technologies StreetMan streetlights Maine
Dhyan says product lets cities monitor streetlights, cameras and IoT sensors (© Alldma | Dreamstime.com)

Dhyan Networks and Technologies says the town of Scarborough in Maine is using its StreetMan cloud-based central management software (CMS) to manage smart streetlights. 

Dhyan provides device management software to technology companies that cater to customers in the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart grid markets. 

Stephen Buckley, deputy director of public works in Scarborough, says: “Dhyan successfully migrated LumInsight, our Echelon Cloud CMS, to their StreetMan CMS without any data loss or disruption, and they did it fully remotely, from thousands of miles away, without a single truck roll."

"With Dhyan’s StreetMan central management software we have excellent visibility into the health of each and every streetlight which we believe will enable us to significantly lower our streetlight maintenance expenses.”

Dhyan says StreetMan's advanced features have allowed the town to identify various network/hardware issues and “load balance” the gateways, thereby stabilising the network.

The Software as a Service product comes with communication technologies such as narrowband-IoT and Cellular. 

According to Dhyan, it lets cities and municipalities manage, monitor, and control a variety of smart street assets such as streetlights, cameras, access points, charging stations, billboards and IoT sensors.

Prakash Ramadass, Dhyan vice president smart cities, says streetlights are one of the largest expenses of any city. 

“Converting streetlights from older technology to LED can save a good deal of money,” Ramadass continues. 

“But by adding smart controllers and a sophisticated central management software such as StreetMan, the savings can be increased even further by giving the city the ability to dim the streetlights on demand and by enabling them to do proactive maintenance.”

The project was carried out with the town's streetlight and smart city partner The Efficiency Network

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