Ukiva eyes Technology Presentation Hub

The UK Industrial Vision Association (Ukiva)'s new venture follows the UK government’s decision to cancel public gatherings due to Covid-19.
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / April 20, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
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Ukiva's hub aims to keep conference registrants informed (© Valerii Brozhinskii |

Ukiva will launch a Technology Presentation Hub to keep its conference and exhibition registrants informed about the event - the UK's machine vision show - which has been postponed until 2021.

The hub provides registrants of the Ukiva Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition 2020 – postponed over the coronavirus crisis from next month until early 2021 - with free access to the event’s speaker programme, on either PC, tablet or smartphone.

The association says that its latest initiative – that goes live May 14 - ensures registrants can still access online a variety of technical content.

In keeping with the themes from this year’s Machine Vision Conference event, the Technology Presentation Hub will house many 20-30-minute presentations that span nearly the entire industrial vision spectrum.

These comprise deep learning and embedded vision, vision in robotics, understanding vision technology, systems and applications, 3D vision, camera technology, optics and illumination and vision innovation.

“Machine vision technology has become central to modern day manufacturing,” said Allan Anderson, chairman of Ukiva.

“Applications of machine vision and imaging are fast becoming more sophisticated, which creates an appetite for more manufacturers and suppliers to keep up-to-date with the latest trends,” he said.

“Users have the opportunity to view all the presentations or cherry-pick those most relevant to their specialism or areas of interest. The presentation material will also be available beyond the launch date to serve as a precursor to the next conference and exhibition in spring 2021.”
Richard Love, EAMA marketing manager for NVIDIA Jetson and keynote speaker for this year’s Machine Vision Conference event, is one of many presentations that users will have access to through the hub.

Love’s presentation is called Applying AI at the edge – a vision of the future. It shows how Jetson’s platform, Cuda and parallel GPU acceleration meet the increasing demands of 21st century machine vision.
Meanwhile, Kieran Edge, technical lead for machine vision at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the UK’s University of Sheffield, will consider Advances in Polarisation Imaging and AI in Inspection.

He will cover these techniques and low-cost approaches to help tackle demanding applications for the high-value manufacturing industry.

The full 2020 speaker programme will be available to view online two weeks prior to the launch of the hub.

Event registration will remain open to enable more people to sign-up and receive e-mail notification when the hub goes live next month.

For more information, visit the Machine Vision Conference website and follow Ukiva on Twitter @UKIVAconfex.

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