Astrata offers drivers 360° view

VideoLinc uploads footage triggered by harsh braking and speeding
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / July 30, 2021
By Ben Spencer
 Astrata VideoLinc video surveillance solution cargo damage cyclists pedestrians
Astrata says VideoLinc increases safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists (Credit – Astrata)

Astrata has launched a video surveillance solution to improve road safety, reduce accident claim costs and cargo damage and guard against allegations such as speeding or swerving. 

The company says VideoLinc provides dispatchers and drivers with a 360° view and increases safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Abdallah Harati, senior vice president, sales & marketing at Astrata, says: "Astrata offers drivers a 360° vision system to reduce the risks for road users around the vehicle. By combining telematics data with video recording of the road, VideoLinc helps to reduce road transport accidents, as well as the time and money spent on resolving them. The solution strengthens the legal protection of business and also helps to ensure cargo security.

VideoLinc comes with rear, side and trailer cameras that monitor movement of cargo to help reduce the risk of damage or theft. 

It automatically uploads and bookmarks video footage triggered by harsh driving behaviour, such as fast cornering, harsh braking and accelerating and speeding. 

The product also streams live video to the back office when requested or when triggered by a pre-configured alarm. 

Additionally, an optional driver-facing camera can be used to improve safety and driving performance through personalised coaching, based on video sequences analysing driving behaviour such as speed, braking and acceleration.

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