SmartWitness upgrades Insight’s LiveCam

Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / August 30, 2019

SmartWitness, a manufacturer of vehicle CCTV, is to expand Insight Mobile Data’s LiveCam solutions line.

Insight will now offer SmartWitness’ dashboard-mounted video camera as a combination in-cab video and GPS tracking solution for fleets looking to record driving events while also capturing real-time vehicle location and activity.

Doug Hawley, chief operating officer, at InSight, says adding a combination vehicle tracking and video unit to LiveCam “provides a simpler dashcam solution for fleets that don’t need multiple cameras mounted in the vehicle”.

SmartWitness’ CP2 model - which comes with Wi-Fi video transmission and telematics data - is expected to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic accident and offer instant notifications and videos of incidents.

“Working with SmartWitness helps us to provide solutions for those who don’t need video feeds from the sides or back of the vehicle, but still want to capture driving events and real-time location without a complicated install,” Hawley adds.