Verizon’s dashcam video aims to mitigate fleet risk

Verizon Connect has released a smart video solution which it says can help fleet management customers improve safety and mitigate risk.
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / March 16, 2020
By Ben Spencer
Verizon launches Integrated Video product (Source: Verizon)
Verizon launches Integrated Video product (Source: Verizon)

Verizon claims its Integrated Video product uses artificial intelligence to capture and automatically classify video according to an event’s severity while also utilising machine learning to help businesses improve their driver behaviour such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration and hard cornering. 

According to Verizon, the speed overlay feature enables operations managers to determine if the speed of the vehicle in the video clip is the factor that caused the event. A video on demand capability allows managers to request 40-second increments of available footage.

The smart video starts recording as soon as the engine is turned on and starts to review driver behaviour triggers such as hard braking, hard cornering or rapid acceleration. It also identifies collisions and dangerous driving behaviour that fleet managers can review on their mobile or desktop to determine next steps. 


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