Autotalks' V2X plan for micromobility

Foxconn has invested $10m in firm as part of strategic partnership which will use ZooZ platform
Classification & Data Collection / December 3, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Autotalks Foxconn Interconnect Technology Vehicle to Everything ZooZ micromobility platform
Autotalks says V2X can protect micromobility users and increase the range of electric vehicles (© Davidschunack |

Autotalks has received $10 million from Foxconn Interconnect Technology (Fit) following an agreement to accelerate Vehicle to Everything (V2X) deployment across the automotive and micromobility segments. 

Fit – a subsidiary of Foxconn Group – has made advances in electric vehicle development, including technology research and entering joint ventures with automakers. 

Thomas Fann, special assistant to chairman at Fit, says: "Over the last couple of years, we have been strategically expanding into the automotive segment, with special focus on electric vehicles, connectivity, mobility and safety and technologies. We see Autotalks as the provider of the world's most trusted V2X solution, with the highest performance, security and reliability. This is why we decided to enter into strategic collaboration agreement with Autotalks and invest $10 million in this company."

Autotalks CEO Hagai Zyss says: “V2X is a critical safety sensor, the only one that can see behind corners, protect micromobility users, and can also increase the range of electrical vehicles."

The partners will use Autotalks' ZooZ micromobility platform in a collaboration that will start this year and utilise its V2X technology in an activity from early next year. 

In September, Autotalks launched the platform to help prevent bike and scooter accidents with the use of V2X. 

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