Mobileware brings carpooling to New York 

OnTime Carpool is integrated with Mobileware's existing commuter app
Classification & Data Collection / March 14, 2022
By Ben Spencer
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Mobileware says commuters can check in to be a rider or driver during their daily commute using the app (© Blackzheep |

Mobileware has launched an on-demand carpooling service to help improve mobility options for commuters in New York while also reducing carbon emissions. 

Mobileware says OnTime Carpool allows users to request rides on demand or schedule ahead, without a contract or any long-term commitments.

The service is integrated with Mobileware's existing OnTime commuter app, which it claims provides real-time information on rail services and has more than 3 million users. 

This combination is expected to yield greater carpooling matching opportunities, due to its large user base in locations such as transit stops.

Commuters can check in to be a rider or driver during their daily commute using the OnTime app, the company adds. 

Additionally, OnTime Carpool allows carpoolers to compete for monthly prizes and a larger grand prize. Environmentally conscious individuals and businesses can also take part by sponsoring monthly prizes to show their commitment to a more sustainable commute.

Mobileware founder Yun Zhang says: “Carpooling contributes so many environmental benefits, from reducing single occupancy vehicles on the road, carbon emissions, traffic congestion and accidents, to freeing up parking spaces."

"In the past, other carpooling apps found it difficult to attract and keep users engaged, which is why we built-in gamification elements from the start,” he continues. 

“Now with OnTime Carpool, carpoolers can earn green points, level up achievements, and win prizes while helping to lower carbon emissions seamlessly."

OnTime Carpool is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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