Miovision puts safety at Core

Approval of intersection platform for FirstNet gives emergency services more options
Classification & Data Collection / November 7, 2022
By Adam Hill
Intersection safety traffic management first responders emergency © Lorientis | Dreamstime.com
Miovision's smart intersection platform Core DCM is now certified and approved for use on FirstNet (© Lorientis | Dreamstime.com)

Miovision's smart intersection platform Core DCM is now certified and approved for use on FirstNet - the network built specifically to aid the safe movement of emergency services in the US.

The FirstNet mission is "to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety". 

Built with AT&T, FirstNet was set up to enable first responders and those who support them to communicate easily and quickly during emergencies. 

Traffic signal management is an important factor in safely getting ambulances, police vehicles or fire trucks to where they are needed.

“For our customers, traffic signals are critical infrastructure,” said Miovision president Steve Strout.

“They play an important role in ensuring that emergency responders can get to the scene as quickly as possible. They are also vital to keeping citizens moving safely and efficiently – especially during emergencies. Now, our customers can integrate FirstNet into their Miovision Core DCM devices and tap into the reliability and security that FirstNet offers for resiliency of their connected traffic signals.”

The hardware platform provides data and analytics at the intersection to support in-cabinet communications, remote monitoring, traffic operations and traffic management solutions, Miovision says.

Matt Walsh, assistant vice president, product management and development, FirstNet Program at AT&T, says: “The more tools public safety has access to on their network, the more we can help them achieve their mission.” 

Before being certified and approved for use on FirstNet, devices are subject to hundreds of tests that cover a number of aspects, from security and durability to network impacts.

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