Autotalks V2X chipsets to upgrade e-shuttles

Autotalks' C-V2X chipsets to integrate with ZF's ProConnect Connectivity Unit.
Classification & Data Collection / August 6, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Autotalks V2X chipset ZF ProConnect Connectivity Unit 2getthere autonomous electric shuttles
Autotalks' V2X chipsets can be used for V2I capabilities, allowing them to communicate with RSUs (© Caner Candemir |

Autotalks has partnered with ZF to install a combined Vehicle to Everything (V2X) solution in 2getthere's autonomous electric shuttles, starting with an unnamed project in Europe. 

Autotalks’ dual-mode dedicated short range communications Cellular (C-V2X) chipsets will be integrated into ZF´s ProConnect Connectivity Unit.

Autotalks says its V2X chipsets can be used for vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) capabilities, which allow them to communicate with roadside units (RSUs) and to interface with road infrastructure objects such as traffic lights.

This communication helps autonomous vehicles (AV) to obtain full knowledge of traffic light status and requests green light for a smooth intersection crossing and avoid hazards, the company adds. 

According to Autotalks, V2X provides AVs with other information from the traffic light controller and other road users, contributing to more redundancy and safety. 

Autotalks CEO Hagai Zyss says: "In this vote of confidence, ZF joins several other leading players in the automotive industry which chose to work with us in order to implement the vision of autonomous driving and save lives on the roads with our pioneering V2X communications technology.”

Autotalks has also been involved in similar projects underscoring how V2X communications can improve safety. In March, the company joined the Secur (Safety Enhancement through Connected Users on the Road) project is to define the V2X test procedure that will serve as the basis for the new safety rating by European New Car Assessment Program in 2025.

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