Derq AI embraces Texas Paradigm

AI specialist's Insight and Sense solutions will be key part of new partnership
Classification & Data Collection / September 5, 2022
By Adam Hill
Texas road safety artificial intelligence anlytics © Bryan Roschetzky |
Paradigm’s Texas customers will 'benefit greatly by upgrading their infrastructure' for Derq's solutions (© Bryan Roschetzky |

Artificial intelligence analytics specialist Derq has partnered with Paradigm Traffic Systems, Texas-based distributor for traffic control service and ITS products.

“Paradigm Traffic Systems is excited to partner with Derq and offer our customers advanced AI video analytics that are unmatched in the transportation technologies industry,” said Paradigm president Ryan Zenzen.

Derq’s real-time perception and connectivity AI platform aggregates data from different sources including traffic sensors, signal controllers and connected infrastructure, enabling two application offerings, Derq Insight and Derq Sense.

Insight generates real-time safety and traffic insights for agencies looking to improve road safety, while Sense is an edge-based solution that provides real-time infrastructure-based analytics for off-board cooperative perception and traffic management applications.

This includes Vehicle to Everything (V2X) applications for connected and autonomous vehicles, adaptive traffic management, smart pedestrian crosswalks and smartphone safety apps. 

Paradigm’s Texas customers will 'benefit greatly' by upgrading their infrastructure for these solutions, Zenzen said.

“Our partnership with Paradigm enables us to leverage their trusted relationships and strong track record with various agencies across Texas, a state that is at the forefront of piloting and adopting cutting-edge ITS and C/AV solutions,” said Dr. Georges Aoude, CEO and co-founder of Derq.

“Our goal is to improve road safety and efficiency for our customers and deliver this societal impact at scale. Several agencies across Texas have made road safety a top priority.”

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