PTV and Bosch set out to improve air quality 

Precise emissions data from Bosch to be available in traffic simulation software PTV Vissim 
Classification & Data Collection / March 24, 2021
By Ben Spencer
PTV Bosch emissions control
In PTV Vissim, city and traffic planners can see how different traffic measures will affect vehicle emissions and air quality

PTV is partnering with Bosch to improve air quality and reduce traffic-related pollution in cities, by making precise emissions data from Bosch available in traffic simulation software PTV Vissim. 

Bosch generates this data on its cloud-based air quality platform, based on detailed traffic information.

In PTV Vissim, city and traffic planners can see how different traffic measures, such as adaptive signal control, will affect vehicle emissions and air quality. 

"Measures to improve air quality play an important role, especially in cities," says Christian Stach, executive vice president at Bosch powertrain solutions division.

"Implementation of these measures require precise data and simulations of the type and spread of emissions. Our collaboration creates the foundation for a long-term improvement in air quality, for example through traffic control.”

The partners are planning further developments that will be based on a shared data platform. Emission data generated with artificial intelligence will be integrated from the Bosch Cloud into PTV's software solutions.

"Better air is a vital factor when it comes to creating livable and sustainable urban areas," says Christian Haas, CEO of PTV Group. "At the same time, our cities are growing, with more and more people and goods on the move."

The collaboration "can empower cities to make sound decisions and effectively improve air quality".

Additionally, a team of experts from both companies are working on a city dashboard that will allow users to analyse and visualise mobility and real-time air quality data. 

According to PTV, this dashboard will help address various aspects of the smart city concept, such as the optimum location of charging stations and sustainable mobility solutions. 

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