Otonomo and NXP link on CV data 

NXP vehicle processing platforms generate data that can power driver safety applications 
Classification & Data Collection / January 5, 2022
By Ben Spencer
Otonomo Mobility Intelligence Platform NXP Semiconductors connected vehicle data
Otonomo says the partnership will enable it to offer CV data and mobility insights (© BiancoBlue | Dreamstime.com)

Otonomo has joined forces with NXP Semiconductors to deliver a solution for processing connected vehicle (CV) data. 

The partnership is expected to ensure compatibility between NXP’s S32G vehicle network processors at the vehicle edge and the Otonomo Mobility Intelligence Platform in the cloud, to offer a secure infrastructure for transferring data from the vehicle to the cloud.

Otonomo says NXP's vehicle processing platforms generate massive amounts of data that can power strategic applications ranging from predictive maintenance to driver safety and advanced traffic management.

Additionally, vehicle data can be mined for data insights that enable new opportunities and use cases.

The combined technology introduces the ability to extend Otonomo inside the vehicle to provide in-vehicle data processing as well as identify additional data streams that can be used to lower the cost of data transmission, the company adds. 

Brian Carlson, global marketing director for vehicle control and networking solutions at NXP, says: “Our partnership enables us to securely unlock more value by processing data streams at the edge in real-time and reducing the data transmission cost while enabling new and expanded business opportunities for stakeholders across the connected vehicle ecosystem.” 

Otonomo co-founder Ben Volkow says: “Our collaboration with NXP ensures data captured at the vehicle edge is aligned with the driver needs and adjusted dynamically based on dynamic conditions. As a result the edge computing data is application-ready; thus enabling the edge data to be more efficient and aligned with privacy and security needs.” 

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