UITP launches city mobility database

Public transportation body joins with Moscow Transport to launch CityTransitData project
Classification & Data Collection / July 22, 2021
By Adam Hill
UITP Moscow city transit data © Nicoelnino | Dreamstime.com
Six cities so far... more to follow, say UITP and Moscow Transport (© Nicoelnino | Dreamstime.com)

UITP and Moscow Transport have launched an online platform providing data on sustainable mobility from cities across the world. 

CityTransitData gathers information under indicator headings such as public transport ridership, parking space cost and availability, and the impact of the Covid pandemic.

This is expected to be used for research by companies, academics and journalists looking to get a handle on the development of mass transit in various urban areas, and it is hoped to encourage best practice.

The database currently has six cities - Brussels, London, Madrid, New York and Paris, as well as Moscow - and more than 30 indicators.

The organisers insist these numbers will increase: "Other cities are welcome to join the project, share their data and use information from the database for analysis," they add in a statement.

“As a sector, our common goal is to realise more liveable and healthier cities by advancing sustainable urban mobility," says Umberto Guida, senior director K&I at UITP.

"This is something we can only achieve by learning from one another and exchanging with each other – this is what CityTransitData is all about. Drawing on UITP’s years’ long experience in data collection, we know how the gathering and sharing of data is essential to provide insights into best practices on public transport."

He thanked Moscow Transport "for the trust given to UITP in leading this important project"

Exchanging data and analysing the best solutions are key points of the initiative, says Maksim Liksutov, deputy mayor of Moscow for Transport.

“We have been cooperating with our foreign colleagues for a long time to share the best solutions with each other," he added.

"During the coronavirus pandemic, the exchange of experience helped Moscow and other cities to take effective measures against the infection."



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