Webinar: how to solve traffic data gaps

On 28 July StreetLight Data will explain how AADT 2021 US Metric helps transport professionals
Classification & Data Collection / July 21, 2022
By Adam Hill
Data collection traffic control road management USA © Ronald Lane | Dreamstime.com
StreetLight Data's updated and improved AADT 2021 US Metric covers all roads (© Ronald Lane | Dreamstime.com)

StreetLight Data's updated and improved AADT 2021 US Metric covers all roads - including rural and low-volume - so transportation practitioners can see how volumes are trending across the entire road network with a few clicks.

The upcoming StreetLight webinar AADT 2021 at Your Fingertips: Solve Data Gaps with Validated Traffic Counts for All Roads — Urban & Rural will show how you can put AADT to work to:

●    Unlock IIJA/BIL funds
●    Do historical comparisons to see how traffic is trending
●    Get turnkey metrics for ALL roads

Click here to register for the webinar on Thursday 28 July at 2pm ET / 11am PT, where you will hear from the StreetLight team, including one of the data scientists who developed the AADT 2021 US Metrics.

"Validated, comprehensive Metrics are essential for planners, consultants and other stakeholders who make important decisions about transportation infrastructure,” said StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel.

“In addition, traffic volumes are the key input to accurate and detailed transportation greenhouse gas emissions calculations, and having precise measurement is critical in the societal and BIL goal of managing down those emissions.”

US traffic activity is rising compared to pandemic levels. On notoriously congested I-35 in Austin, AADT volumes jumped 14% in 2021. Given the population growth in the city, planners can expect 2022 to see another uptick.

Streetlight AADT


Meanwhile on an unpaved road in Jackson Hole, the pandemic impact has been even more dramatic. StreetLight’s AADT volumes show 2021 is already exceeding 2019. 

Register for the webinar to learn how you can put AADT Metrics to work to get a complete picture of your road network for reporting and planning, and keep up with quickly shifting traffic patterns across your entire region, even the difficult-to-measure roads.

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