Number plate analysis tool from Tattile

Tattile has unveiled a software tool which it says enables users to aggregate and analyse data of all connected cameras in a given area.
Classification & Data Collection / March 18, 2020


The Tattile Inspector is expected to store photos and number plate details by a given number of connected cameras in a database. The software collects and analyses the pictures and is also expected to generate a full transit analysis down to specific vehicles which can be identified by number plate, vehicle brand, colour and class. It can then send reports via SMS or email to enable authorities to take quick action when a vehicle is stolen or involved in a crime, the company adds. Through several plug-in options, the Inspector database search can be adjusted to include automatic incident detection alarms from Tattile Rigel, such as wrong-way driving or pedestrians in the road area. According to Tattile, users can perform a car profile through filtering based on physical parameters as well as matching a pre-loaded list of known faces, with faces detected on the pictures taken from drivers. Additionally, the software can be connected to the Italian national plate and transit database called SCNTT (Sistema Centralizzato Nazionale per Transiti e Targhe). Users can check number plates for valid insurance, revision data and province registration.

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