Shotl delivers Lisbon DRT system 

Xbus white-label app used for Carris' Ride Now weekday service in Portuguese capital
GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems / February 4, 2022
By Ben Spencer
Shotl XBus app Carris Ride Now Lisbon Portugal  demand responsive transit Avenidas Novas
Carris' Ride Now vehicles are providing the service in an area of almost 3 km² (image credit: Shotl Transportation)

Shotl's white-label Xbus app is being used in a demand responsive transit (DRT) system in the Portuguese city of Lisbon as part of a collaboration with Carris.

The service operates in an area that comprises the districts of Avenidas Novas as well as Campolide and São Domingos de Benfica. 

Shotl – a mobility company – describes it as an area of straight streets laid out in grid formation that is different from the old town of Lisbon with its steep slopes and “torturous twisting streets”. 

The company points out that one of the peculiarities of this operation is the degree of precision that traditional geolocation systems offer.

According to Shotl, the deployment area has many streets that have two central lanes with a separation in the middle, as well as side lanes. 

In a case like this, the company emphasises that precision accuracy is even more essential than in a rural setting. 

Carris' Ride Now vehicles are providing the service in an area that includes 61 virtual bus stops. Passengers can request a ride via Xbus on weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. 

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