Applied traffic tech receives US patent 

Patent covers the use of green-light priority for school buses as well as first responders
Networking & Communication Systems / July 27, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Applied Information US Patent and Trademark Office traffic signals cellular communications
Applied tech can provide first responders with automatic green lights at intersections (image credit: Applied Information)

Applied Information technology that uses both cellular network and direct radio communication to control traffic signals has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to Applied, the technology can provide first responders with automatic green lights at intersections, thereby reducing response times by about 18%.

Current use of the technology involves fire apparatus, ambulances, snowploughs and police vehicles.

Applied president Bryan Mulligan says: “This patent is another validation of our pioneering use of dual-mode communications for connected vehicle technology in areas that require reliable performance and high security. We see the value of the technology every day on the streets as it provides first responders with a safer and faster response to help people in need.”

The patent also covers the use of providing green-light priority to other vehicles such as transit and school buses and delivery vans.

Properly equipped vehicles can communicate that they have arrived at a red light, providing the traffic signal controller with additional information to reduce wait times.

The US Patent 11,055,991 is entitled Systems, Methods, and Devices for Communication Between Traffic Controller Systems and Mobile Transmitters and Receivers.


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