Conduent on the button with holographics

Holostop eliminates the need for public transit passengers to touch surfaces
Networking & Communication Systems / November 12, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Conduent Transportation MZ Technologie contactless holographic stop button buses
Conduent is to sell Holostop internationally in January (image credit: MZTechnologie)

Conduent Transportation has expanded a partnership with technology company MZ Technologie to sell a contactless holographic stop button for buses to transport networks globally. 

Conduent says Holostop is based on a technology that projects the image of the stop button as a hologram in a physical box.

The passenger runs their finger over the virtual button, registering the stop request like a traditional button. The device emits a short sound and briefly changes colour to confirm that the request has been made. 

According to Conduent, the holographic, contactless button eliminates the need to touch surfaces and thereby helps maintain a safe environment for passengers.

Mark Brewer, group president, transportation solutions at Conduent, says: “The Holostop is the latest advanced offering that systems can deploy to enhance the quality and safety of their transportation networks.”

MZ Technologie founder Marc Zerad says: “Working with Conduent and leveraging their expertise in research and development, we are exploring how to apply holography to other transportation solutions in order to modernise them and improve the traveller experience.”

Holostop was first tested on selected French bus networks as part of a pilot programme. Conduent will start selling it in January. 

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