Here unveils 3D road models for ADAS and driver safety

Here Technologies has launched Here Lanes with the aim of increasing driver awareness and road safety through advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
Networking & Communication Systems / January 21, 2020
By Ben Spencer
Here Lanes ADAS
Here Lanes ADAS was launched at CES 2020 (source: Here Technologies)

Here Lanes is a digital representation of the global road network that enables a vehicle to position itself while providing drivers with lane-level visual guidance, the company adds. 

Sheila Nedelcu, head of automated driving at Here, said at CES 2020 in Las Vegas: “Here Lanes delivers automakers and software developers the data they need to improve today’s ADAS functions in all weather conditions while building the next generation of applications supported by lane-level positioning, guidance and visualisation.”  

Here Lanes is expected to feed ADAS and mobile applications with precise lane topology, geometry and attribute data such as the rules of the road, vehicle height restrictions, lane count and centre line, direction of travel and the slope and curvature of intersections. 


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