California to reduce vehicle miles travelled 

CCTA hopes to mitigate environmental effects of transport projects 
UTC / October 13, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Contra Costa Transportation Authority California Vehicle Miles Travelled Mitigation Framework
CCTA says funds from the programme could support projects that help reduce overall VMT (© Anyaberkut |

California's Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) has been awarded $400,000 to develop a Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) Mitigation Framework to help fight climate change. 

The CCTA says the more miles vehicles travel, the more greenhouse gases and air pollution are emitted into the atmosphere.

The authority is setting out to better define, analyse, and develop options to mitigate the environmental effects of transportation projects throughout Contra Costa.

As part of the study, developers and transportation agencies whose projects contribute to VMT increases will be able to offset emissions through payment into a VMT Mitigation Programme. 

According to the CCTA, funds from this programme could then support green projects that help reduce overall VMT in Contra Costa County, generating a positive impact on climate, the environment and public health.

CCTA executive director Timothy Haile says: “This groundbreaking study will set out a framework for a more holistic approach to analysing future development and transportation projects that will not only help local agencies like ours plan for a more sustainable future but could serve as a model for agencies across the state.”

The project is funded by a California Department of Transportation Sustainable Planning Grant. 

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