Dubai RTA joins Ertico

United Arab Emirates city agency will use membership for training among other things
UTC / June 9, 2020
By Adam Hill
Dubai museum (© ITS International)
Dubai wants to be seen as a smart mobility player (© ITS International)

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has joined Ertico – ITS Europe.

“RTA will engage in a variety of initiatives, deliverables and performance indicators,” said Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency.

These include R&D related to ITS using artificial intelligence, and hosting RTA’s young engineers at Ertico in Brussels for training.

“The membership package enables RTA to take part in preparing and updating technical specifications and international standards of ITS and review initial results of practical initiatives funded by Ertico," she added. 

Membership also plugs RTA into a network of ITS data and best practice, chiming with Dubai's aim to be seen as a major player in smart mobility.

While the United Arab Emirates is outside Europe, Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of Ertico, made no secret of his desire to widen the organisation’s geographical reach in an interview with ITS International earlier this year. 

Speaking about the first Central Eastern ITS Congress in Kazan, Russia (now postponed until 2022), he said of future congresses: "We’re not focusing on a specific geographical area – it’s more about the areas which are not linked to the ‘main’ developments in Europe. We’re just trying to expand knowledge.”

  • Meanwhile, the Greek city of Thessaloniki has also joined Ertico's partnership. “Thessaloniki’s quest to become a leader in intelligent and sustainable mobility could only be sustainable through close collaboration with Ertico," says Orestis Trasanidis, innovation consultant at City of Thessaloniki. "We value Ertico’s established network of cities, research centres, with a target to provide solutions that serve citizens along with the academia."